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Meet Mike LaFleur

Over the course of 25+ years Mike LaFleur has perfected his signature methodology while assisting leading organizations including Emerson, AT&T, and BellSouth with product development, market expansion and strategic acquisitions, driving top-line growth while boosting gross margin and profitability.

The Ask Listen Innovate Methodology gives you the power to go beyond the Voice of the Boss, the Voice of Sales, and the internal assumptions about your customers’ requirements.  It allows you to bring your customers’ into a conversation in a way that enables them to describe their needs so you can produce the solutions they require.

Are you ready to:

  • Identify and reach appropriate customer contacts and engage in mutually beneficial conversations.
  • Discover opportunities to create innovative new offerings that address emerging needs long before the competition even shows up.
  • Deliver, high-value products, driven by your unique and deep understanding of your customers’ and prospects’ businesses.
  • Be a collaborating partner that your customers will be eager to see.

Mike leads conducts workshops, coaches and consults, sharing the Ask Listen Innovate Methodology, teaching participants how to learn their customers’ & prospects’ unmet & emerging needs, the true Voice of the Customer; a key to high-quality growth. If your ready to have for your team reach new heights in addressing your customers’ and prospects’ authentic needs, if you are ready to incase customer loyalty and the top line, contact Mike today.

How Can ALI Help You?


Through the use of  the Methodology, conversations warm naturally, and customers reveal the stresses that their businesses are facing, as well as the pressures they anticipate in the coming years. With a clear understanding of their short term and long term needs, Mike’s clients are positioned to solve problems with solutions that are “already in the bag” and they are prepared to “fill their innovation funnels” with next generations products.


The Ask Listen Innovate Methodology enables one to open pleasant, respectful, mutually beneficial conversations that make it easy for customers’ and prospects to forget the issues of the moment so they can think deeply about what they need to improve their businesses. Individual coaching or small group sessions will enable collaborators to refine and hone their new skills.


Ask Listen Innovate is a “HOW TO” workshop that will enable you to jump right in, and with a few hours of practice, you will be discovering needs that none of your competitors will ever find, and you will be equipped with the information required to introduce unique, competitive offerings to the market.

Enrich Customer Loyalty & Increase Sales

Request Mike’s introductory presentation  plus a list of a dozen of your customer’s stakeholders!

These stakeholders have unspoken needs, and if you meet them, you will earn preferred supplier status with all of your customers and be asked to serve their emerging needs at the highest level.

Carl Samuelson, Manager - Client Solutions, Michaels Energy

Ask Listen Innovate provides a methodology to find out my customer’s needs instead of treating every customer like a nail just because I have a hammer. Mike’s “I’ve done this before” insight can help any sales discovery process. Ask Listen Innovate gives any sales person, networker, or career climber the means to build better strategic relationships with simple questions that will unlock new opportunities. And his grounding in improv theater makes for a fun training that gets everyone comfortably trying new things.

Constance Vork, Founder, Vork Real Estate Group

I think about questions all the time, but now I’m thinking more about where the questions place the recipient in their mind and how that shapes their responses. By asking questions carefully, I can get the most helpful answers.

Todd Olin, Strategic Planner, Emerson

For the last exercise of the day Mike asked us to imagine our customer as a movie star. He asked us to role-play asking the star to reflect on each of their completed, current and planned projects. This was my favorite exercise! It directly applies to my job and provided me with a chance to really practice all the concepts that we played with throughout the day.

Create Customer Loyalty & Increase Sales

Download Mike’s introductory presentation  plus a list of a dozen of your customer’s stakeholders!

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